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Are you ready to get some free bees??  Do you want to provide a lonely swarm with a good home??  Then why are all your boxes in the garage where they can’t catch bees?

This is the time to have all possible traps out and baited. I have about 10 around the house,  and have caught about 15 swarms in the last 3 years. Also, ask your friends if you can have one at their home.

As you can see from the pictures, I have several different shapes and sizes. Small for small swarms, bigger for larger swarms. In the texts, there is much discussion about the ‘optimum’ size, so I cover all bases.

There are very few good natural places for bees anymore, so they will use just about anything. I don’t put frames in my traps, or old wax but bait them with lemongrass oil or Swarm Commander. Just a few drops on a cotton ball, and refresh about monthly.

Oops, you caught a swarm!!   Now what?  Call an old hand like me for HELP!!!!!

I like to start feeding immediately with “Free Food” and use a queen ‘Includer’ as soon as I move to a permanent home

An old favorite … I caught four hives with this trap!

Who’s first here – the bees or the owls?
Traps up high.
Trap on a pole. Caught my first swarm here recently!
Traps in a row . . . anywhere but in the garage where you can’t get bees!

Are you ready to jump into beekeeping? Traps are a great way to get started!

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