Local Honey For Sale

The Pinellas Beekeepers Association currently has Wildflower, Orange Blossom, and Tupelo honey available.

Pinellas Beekeepers Association Honey
Phone: (727) 233-5513

Members Local Honey For Sale

Michelle Carnahan
Locally From: Seminole, Fl.
Phone: 727-542-5172
Email: michelle.carnahan@gmail.com
Web: mmbees.com
Gerald DeLong
Locally From: Pinellas
Phone: 727 526-1801
Email: gdelong71@gmail.com
Johnny Walker
Locally From: Pinellas
Phone: 727-560-3198
Emai: awarnken@yahoo.com
Web: johnnywalkersbees.com
Art Howe
Locally From: Pinellas
Phone: 727-421-8618
Email: Artfulcreations56@yahoo.com
Specialty Honey Available
Jim Lane
Locally From:N.E. St Pete, Pinellas
Phone: 727-421-8018
Email: jlane1942@gmail.com