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For those individuals or businesses that just have a love or interest in bees, pollination of our food sources or want to provide community support with PBA’s efforts in Pinellas County Florida, they can enroll in one of the program options listed below.

$2,500.00 – Queen Bee: Your Sponsorship will help us purchase and maintain two full hives throughout the season as well as the required maintenance to the Apiary, insurance coverage, loss of bees and other expenses to continue with the success of our programs. Your sponsorship entitles you to personally name your hive, place your business name and Logo on the hives, receive a 12”x15” plaque with the photo of your hive with you and/or staff and twenty four one pound jars of honey from the PBA apiary. Your business will be listed as a sponsor on our website as well as our Facebook page with a link directly to your business. Our local event banner will promote your logo as a sponsor. We invite you to bring your staff out for a tour of the Apiary and take a picture with your hives to be used for your plaque. (limited bee suits and/or veils provided for photo-shoot) (sponsorship does not include Travel to and from Apiary and a Release and Hold Harmless Waiver must be signed by each participant)

Your support in the Adopt-A-Beehive or Sponsor-A-Beehive program is crucial in PBA’s purpose and function which is to support the Florida State Beekeepers Association (FSBA); develop and promote Florida best management practices and other practical beekeeping methods; educate members and the general public to promote the use of honey, beehive products, and beekeeping; act in the interest of beekeepers protecting and carrying on beekeeping affairs; act as a medium for, and an aid in, cooperative and mutual beekeeping methods; and encourage PBA members to act as mentors and be available to help others.


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