January 30, 2021/
  • By Kevin Womack
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Bee-Rad’s Fruit Syrup

5 gallons of Bee-Rad’s food grade fruit syrup for bees 🐝 NOT for human consumption, it has 4:1 sugar ratio, you can mix one gallon of fruit syrup 1:4 to four gallons of water and that will give a 1:1 ratio or do a 2:4 ratio of two gallons of syrup to four gallons of water to have a 2:1 ratio of syrup versus water.

The Bees 🐝 love it no heating required, just mix with water or feed it in full concentration to the bees they love it either way.

It cost $55.00 for 5 gallons and it has approximately $80.00 + in sugar in it. I am offering an introductory offer of $45.00 for 5 gallons including the bucket $40.00 if you bring your own sealable lid with your bucket

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