Beekeeping Workshop: Making Splits – May 27, 9 AM – 12 PM


Learn how and why to make splits in your beehive during this intensive, hands-on workshop with Josh Harris of Queen & Colony Bee Company.

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We are excited to offer a new series of beekeeping workshops geared towards beginner to intermediate beekeepers. With over 15 years of experience keeping bees in the Tampa Bay area, Josh Harris of Queen & Colony Bee Co. will demonstrate the ins and outs of
how he keeps his apiaries healthy and growing. These workshops are highly focused on specific skills in the apiary that will make for better beekeepers and healthier bees. Splitting bee colonies is a vital skill to learn to maintain and possibly grow a healthy apiary. This hands-on training will cover the following topics related to splitting bee colonies.

• Knowing When to Split
• Swarm Control
• Making Nucleus Colonies
• Walk Away Splits
• Introducing Queens (Mated Queens and Queen Cells)
• Assessing the Success of a Split

When: May 27th from 9 a.m. – Noon
Where: Great Bay Apiary
9701 28th Street N.
St Petersburg, FL 33716.

Located off of 28th Street N. Enter the south driveway marked “ALL DELIVERIES” and immediately thru the gate to
the right and drive SLOWLY out to the apiary.

What to bring: Preferred bee protective gear (bee suit, jacket, veil, gloves, etc.); Hive tool;
Water; Notebook


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